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Mid-2020 SpAd List in Full

Guido’s seminal SpAd list is once again fully up-to-date for the first time since Boris’s reshuffle. Coronavirus certainly hasn’t dried up the government jobs market, with Ministers having taken on 15 new advisers since Guido’s last list. The changes in full: 

No. 10

  • Ben Gascoigne move from PM’s private office to political team
  • Isaac Levido new in the No. 10 press team
  • Meg Powell-Chandler new in the No. 10 press team
  • Joel Winton new deputy head of No. 10’s policy unit
  • Ben Warmer move from the policy unit lead on AI & Tech to “Data”
  • Alison Wolf leaves as policy unit lead on Skills & Workforce
  • Daniel El-Gamry new to policy unit with “Equalities” brief
  • Clare King new to events team
  • Katie Lam leaves business relations team
  • Danielle Dove new to business relations team
  • Rupert Yorke moves from the political team to join the Treasury Joint Economic Unit

Joint economic unit

  • New: Michael Webb
  • New: Allegra Stratton
  • New: Aled Maclean-Jones

Cabinet Office

  • New: Emily Maister takes role as Tory Chairman Amanda Milling’s SpAd


  • Cameron Brown moves back to BEIS after a stint in No. 10
  • New: James Phillips


  • New: Sam Richards


  • New: Celia McSwaine


  • New: Jess Prestige


  • New: Josh Lewy


  • New: Geoff Mawdsley

Chief Whip

  • New: David Sforza

Guido’s also added a new maternity leave section, currently occupied by Nikki De Costa (No. 10) and Saratha Rajeswaran (DEFRA).

In other SpAd news, Guido understands a location for the trailed “away day” has not yet been set, with No. 10 weighing up Chequers versus Downing Street. Another Cummings innovation: the first office away day to take place in the office…

Keep up to date with Guido’s rolling SpAd list here

* This article was originally published by Guido Fawkes


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