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THUGS DON’T MATTER: #BLMLDN Protesters ATTACK Police, Horses And DEFACE Churchill Statue

BLACK Lives Matter protests turned violent last night as protesters took to central London to highlight the killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis Police Officer.

The protests have been slammed by the majority of Brits following attacks on Police, Horses and the defacing of poignant statues.

Police horse bolts as thousands clash with police at Black Lives ...

Black Lives Matter thugs vandalise a statue of former Conservative Prime Minister Winston Churchill who fought against Nazi Germany and helped to defeat Adolf Hitler along with America.

In viral footage and images on social media, the statue was both sprayed with graffiti reading ACAB, meaning All Cops Are Bad/Bastards a phrase made popular by director Sidney Hayers in his 1972 crime drama All Coppers Are…, all the while other activists climbed the statue, holding signs protesting police brutality and claiming ‘no justice, no peace’.

It was one of the various statues vandalised, of which also included that of former American President Abraham Lincoln and the Cenotaph.

Such behaviour has led to police officers to protect the statue to stop further vandalism.

This followed a viral clip being shared online, whereby people volunteered to protect the statue themselves after the graffiti had already been spray painted on it. Online images have circulated of the culprit; a female activist with a mask reading ‘Silence’.

This led to a huge backlash online, with many slamming that behaviour. The Bruges Group think tank called it an ‘outrageous act’, and Conservative MP Andrea Jenkyns wanted those responsible ‘locked up and charged for vandalism’.

Libertarian conservative commentator Darren Grimes asked ‘where are the police’ in response and LBC host Iain Dale felt that nothing could ‘excuse’ that. Former Brexit Party MEP Martin Daubney argued that it would ‘turn public mood’ against Black Lives Matter and Unionist activist Jamie Bryson blamed ‘hyper liberal anarchists’ for the vandalism.

All of this behaviour took place on the 76th anniversary of D-Day, whereby British, American and Canadian forces landed on the beaches of Normandy to free France from Nazi Germany’s rule, and became one of the main campaigns of the Second World War, as immortalised in popular culture, ranging from Call Of Duty to Saving Private Ryan.

He also had previous history of defending mass immigration (although he became more hardline on this in his later years) and had attempted to stop the Bengali Famine by gaining as many food supplies from Australia and Canada to stop people starving in the Bengali region on India during the Second World War. His wartime efforts have led him to be noted as one of the great Britons, including topping a BBC poll on the subject matter.

Churchill was the former British Prime Minister during 1940-5 and from 1951-5, and had served in several Cabinet positions during his 64 year career as an MP. This specific statue in Parliament Square was unveiled in 1973 by architect Ivor Roberts-Jones. This is while other violent behaviour took place at the rally, including that of attacking horses and police officers, of which has led to renewed calls for Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick to resign for allowing this behaviour to take place.


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