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BREXIT POLL: Should European supertrawlers be banned from British waters? VOTE

THE UK will finally be able to take back control of its fishing waters in a post-Brexit deal with the EU - but should European supertrawlers be banned?


  1. No European super trawlers should be allowed to fish in UK waters

  2. Replies
    1. There is no good reason not to ban them

  3. There should be no super trawlers at all. And they should definitely be banned from British waters. It's a totally unsustainable way of fishing . Our smaller boats can be more selective in catch and give more back to the economy with more families supported. Ban them now

  4. Ban them! they should not be allowed in our waters...totally raping our seas, even the sea bed is no longer spared. This is not fishing, it is unsustainable. They must be kept out to allow our seas to recover.

  5. Yes ban them,they just suck up everything, that's not fishing, they have had a free rein for far too long

  6. Enough is enough leave with no deal no level playing field that only want that so the other states won't see us prosper and want the same for them selves ending the union our fish is only for sale to boost our economy sorry you want out fish you pay it's that simple

  7. Ban them and all the foreign trawlers

  8. To right they should be banned, if the boot was on the other foot we would be banned from other waters so in my opinion Yes they are our waters so therefore we make the rules wether they like it or not.

  9. Only British trawlers should be allowed to fish British waters .


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