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Tory MPs planning to pass law to BAN Huawei equipment after 2022

A number of influential Conservative MP’s are reportedly going to attempt to pass a law next week that will ensure that the UK’s telecoms networks which will include Britain’s soon…


  1. This would be a sensible step to take because it would be stupid to allow a foreign country the remotest opportunity to be able to intercept IN ANY WAY our telecommunications.

    To use equipment from China anywhere within our electronic defense - or offensive weapons systems is failing to take all possible steps to protect our country and it's citizens and this must not be allowed to happen.

    What is the matter with our politicians who are supporting the purchase and use of this Chinese electronic equipment - do they have a financial interest in the Chinese company that makes this equipment ?

    It certainly looks as if some of our elected MP''s are more interested IN THEIR FINANCIAL REWARD THAN THE SECURITY OF OUR COUNTRY AND THE SAFETY OF ITS CITIZENS.

    Whatever their reason the UK Government must not purchase or use this Chinese electronic equipment anywhere in.our electronic defense systems. To do so would be foolishness and treachery of the highest order.



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