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MP Praised For Having A “Backbone” As He Confirms Alternative “Options” To EU Trade Deal

Chief Secretary to the Treasury Rishi Sunak insisted that the UK does not “need” to have a trade deal with the European Union.

The British government and the European Union are expected to enter into trading talks within the next few weeks. The UK left the EU last month, marking the end of decades of membership to the bloc.

Despite Boris Johnson insisting he wants a trade deal with the Union, Mr Sunak explained that there are alternative options to the British government.

Speaking to Sky News, Mr Sunak said: “We don’t need to get a deal. We have left, we can trade…there are lots of different ways countries trade with each other.

“We trade with lots of countries around the world, the EU trades with lots of countries around the world.”

“They trade with some countries as part of the customs union, they trade with other countries like Canada through a free trade agreement and they trade with countries like Australia through specific little agreements.”

The Department for Internation Trade has employed dozens of trade experts, negotiators and analysis in preparation for the British government’s upcoming trade talks with the EU, USA, Japan and Australia.

Voters praised the Chief Secretary to the Treasury for having a “backbone.”

One voter commented on the Express site, saying: “At last!  Somebody’s showing some backbone!”

And: “Good to see the politicians are finally getting the message that the public have been giving them for nearly four years.”

Another said: “Good. Do not bow down to the EU. Their businesses need us and they also need our financial services. Tell them where to go.”

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  1. We don`t. We can strike individual deals with individual countries.


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