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Jacob Refuses To Back Down & Takes Aim At SNP MPs Over Commons Question

The leader of the House of Commons, Jacob Rees-Mogg grilled SNP MP Tommy Sheppard for questioning him again on the Scottish right for a second independence referendum.

SNP MPs are calling for a second Scottish Independence referendum in light of the UK’s exit from the European Union. Scotland voted in favour of remaining part of the UK and the European Union in 2014 and 2016.

In the House of Commons today, Mr Rees-Mogg responded to Tommy Sheppard’s question on Scotland’s right to have a vote on independence.

Mr Sheppard asked the Leader of the House of Commons: “Can I ask again does he agree with the concept of the claim of right for Scotland and does he agree that it is something that continues to exist after 18 September 2014.

“I ask this because three times since we discussed it there have been opinion polls in Scotland that give an idea of the thinking in that country. In every single one of them, there is now a majority of people who wish Scotland to become an independent country.

“If the Government really wants to do something about the integrity of the union surely it’s time for it to recognise the different situation that pertains in Scotland.”

Mr Rees-Mogg replied: “With regard to English votes for English laws issue, I would remind the honourable gentlemen his party did not oppose the program motion which was the one which led tot here not being a report stage at which point it would have been possible to move amendments.”

He added: “As regards to Scottish claims of right, the decison was made in 2014. The right was debated, the vote was held and the SNP lost. Sometimes it is hard to accept a defeat but that is what happened. The people of Scotland voted to remain in the UK.

“Dare I say that to the first opposition day offered to the SNP, do they go for the subject which they raise all the time? Do they go for the subject which goes after business questions week after week, constantly wanting to discuss it? When they get their half-day do they decide the debate the claim of right? No, Mr Speaker, they don’t.”

Do you think Scotland will be better off outside the UK?

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