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Help us raise £500,000 to get Big Ben to bong for Brexit

Under Article 50, by law, the United Kingdom will formally leave the European Union at 11pm GMT on Friday 31st January. This means that those who wish to celebrate this historic moment will need to look to a clock to mark the time (exactly as on New Year’s Eve).

The natural choice for this would be Big Ben, but because it is currently undergoing refurbishment, special measures would have to be put in place, which could cost up to £500,000.

Working with StandUp4Brexit, we have established a GoFundMe campaign to raise this money by public donation, so that Big Ben can chime to mark this momentous occasion.

However, because there is a lead time to make the necessary preparations, we would need to raise this amount by this weekend.

We are confident of doing so but, if for any reason we fall short of the £500,000 target, the fund will be donated to Help for Heroes. Similarly, if we exceed the target any surplus will also be donated to the same charity.

If 50,000 people gave £10, we could reach the target very rapidly. Hopefully, we are never going to leave the European Union again, so it seems only fitting to celebrate it properly and I hope the British people will respond accordingly.

For transparency, there is a 2.9% payment processing fee (which would total slightly under £15,000 for the entire fund) + 25p per individual donation. You can also leave GoFundMe a tip when donating if you wish, but this is entirely optional.

In summary, however you may have voted in the referendum, this unique moment is unlikely ever to be repeated and if you would like to see it marked by the chiming of the most iconic timepiece in the world, please donate now.

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