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Self-Confessed ‘Nasty Piece of Work’ Hugh Grant’s Crusade to Cancel Brexit

Self-Confessed ‘Nasty Piece of Work’ Hugh Grant’s Crusade to Cancel Brexit

Hugh Grant has been touring London and the Home Counties supporting Brexit blocking candidates from Chuka Umunna to Dominic Grieve, and Faiza Shaheen. The loaded luvvie might not be the gimmicky asset on the doorsteps that gullible politicians seem to think he is. Guido thought it was time to remind potential voters unlucky enough to be visited by the actor this festive season a bit more about the real Hugh Grant…

He admits he is a nasty piece of work:

  • Has said “People would be surprised to learn “how nasty I am”, adding: “People saw all those romantic comedies where I was being a nice guy written by Richard Curtis, who is a very nice guy, and they used to think, ‘Oh, Hugh must be like that,’ but I’m vile. Really”
  • Declared he is “not a hopeless romantic. I’m a nasty piece of work, an ego maniac”
  • Said “I certainly hated actors and, more importantly, they hated me”
  • Acknowledges women have a problem with him, saying Julianne Moore “loathes me,” Rachel Weisz “despises me” and Drew Barrymore “hates me.”
  • Boasted that he made Drew Barrymore cry
  • Refused to shake Sajid Javid’s hand.
  • Was famously arrested for hiring a prostitute in LA while dating girlfriend Liz Hurley.

He is neighbours with Vladimir Putin and owns at least 17 houses in London:

  • Lives in a six-bedroom townhouse in Chelsea valued at £18 million.
  • Boasted that he keeps “buying places then deciding they are not very nice and then buying other places.”
  • Owns at least 17 London homes estimated to be worth £45 million ten years ago.
  • Whined of his homes that “I now own about 17 houses in London, all of them horrible and badly decorated”
  • Owns a luxury mansion in one of the most expensive and exclusive private estates in all of Spain and counts Vladimir Putin as one of his neighbours.

He was driven absolutely bonkers by Brexit

  • Said Brexit is “patently impossible and catastrophic”
  • On the day Article 50 was triggered, Grant called for the UK to “just drop it & climb sheepishly back into bed”

Grant joins Tony Blair in being the only men in Britain who are hoping for a hung parliament. They must have really loved the last two years…

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  1. He needs serious treatment - if he knows he's so bad why does he bother showing his face. No-body likes him or wants him!

  2. Hacked Off Hypocrite. Zlister actor, fan of Mosley , advocates media censorship.


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