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Make your vote count and vote for the Brexiteer best placed to win in your seat

It’s time to change politics for good. That’s what Nigel Farage said when he formed the Brexit Party and rode to an historic victory in May’s European elections. That’s what he’s been saying ever since.

And I agree. The reason I agreed to stand as a Brexit Party candidate at the General Election is because I believe that in a democracy the will of the people must be implemented. And I later withdrew to make way for the local Conservative Party candidate for the same reason.

To deliver change requires two things.

Firstly, you must win the argument. Brexiteers have won the argument over and over again. Nigel won it again for us when – in the face of Theresa May’s miserable Withdrawal Agreement and a reluctant, stubborn Parliament – he smashed the mainstream parties earlier this year. That delivered important change: a new Conservative leader, a new deal, a new approach.

Secondly, you need power. Real power. The kind of power that only comes from forming a majority government.

The Brexit Party cannot do this. And it knows it cannot do this, which is why it hasn’t published a manifesto. Its Contract with the People contained many noble aims. However, we’re down to the wire now.

There are many great people in the Brexit Party; I’ve been involved in politics long enough to know that there are many great people in every party.

But, with the Brexit prize within touching distance, now is not the time for sentimentality. Now is not the time to lose focus. It’s time for each and every one of us to make a cold, hard, political calculation – and use our vote accordingly.

Can the Brexit Party win a majority and deliver Brexit? No.
Can the Conservative Party win a majority and deliver Brexit? Yes.

But it’s also the case that, in some seats, the Brexit Party are ahead of the Conservatives.

So that’s why I’ve launched Unite2Leave. Go to the website and you’ll be able to type in your postcode and the website will tell you which Brexit-backing candidate has the greatest chance of winning in your area. Give them your vote. Campaign for them. Make it count!

Remainers are uniting against us, with alliances forming between Labour, the Liberal “Democrats”, the Greens and various minor nationalist parties. Brexiteers must seize the initiative and work together tactically as well.

Brexit Party MEP Rupert Lowe agrees. “I saw no logic in me standing and splitting the Leave vote and letting somebody who is so politically different to me get into Westminster,” he said of his decision to stand aside and back the Conservative candidate in Dudley North. He said he did not want to play a part in allowing the Labour Party, either alone or as part of a pact with the Lib Dems and SNP, to get into No. 10 as they “will destroy the country”. He added: “I would be distraught if I saw a couple of ageing Marxists backed up by Momentum being given an opportunity to kill off this country for probably the next 50 years.”

I cannot emphasise enough my admiration for all the Brexit Party activists, candidates and MEPs I’ve met and worked with – many of whom I’d now call good friends. But there will be no second chances – it’s now or never for Brexit.

By voting for the Brexit-backing candidate from the party – Conservative or Brexit Party – most likely to win in your local constituency, we can make sure Brexit is delivered. Let’s work together and do this – make your Brexit vote count!

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