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Donald Trump exposes how EU 'takes advantage' by taking $150bn a year from US

DONALD TRUMP took aim the European Union during a press conference with French President Emmanuel Macron earlier today as the US President America is losing $150 billion to Brussels every year.

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  1. The EU has the arrogance to treat Trump with unconcealed contempt meanwhile to their shame they secretly default on paying their contribution of Nato costs but instead are intent on the formation of an EU army. Talk about scumbags.

  2. Speaking from Sydney.
    But of course...what else would you expect from France and Germany.Two nations who in very recent modern times have periodically laid waste to Europe in their nationalistic ambitions.
    These countries don't like a level playing field, neither can be trusted and both have a NEVER ending contempt for Anglo Saxons.
    There are only 5 true military, intelligence and cultural allies in the world...true TRUSTED allies, and they are the 5 eyes countries.The old British Empire in its truest sense where Britain was actually planted in the new world, and flourished essentially as new Britain ie.. ..US, UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

  3. Five Eyes are the true protectors of Western Democracy.


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