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UK Agrees Post-Brexit Trade Deals With Six More Countries

UK Agrees Post-Brexit Trade Deals With Six More Countries

This week the UK reached agreements with South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, Eswatini and Mozambique for trade continuity after Brexit, ensuring deals will signed worth £10 billion to the UK economy.

These new countries mean that Liz Truss’ Department for International Trade has reached agreements in the last few months with 44 countries and the Palestinian authority. Guido brings you the full, ever growing list along with their population and GDP here…

  1. Antigua and Barbuda 102,012 1.532 billion
  2. Bahamas 395,361 12.16 billion
  3. Barbados 285,719  4.797 billion
  4. Belize 374,681 1.838 billion
  5. Botswana 2.292 million 17.41 billion
  6. Chile 18.95 million 277.1 billion
  7. Colombia 49.07 million 309.2 billion
  8. Costa Rica 4.906 million 57.06 billion
  9. Dominica 73,925 562.5 million 
  10. Dominican Republic 10.77 million 75.93 billion
  11. Ecuador 16.62 million 103.1 billion
  12. El Salvador 6.378 million 24.81 billion
  13. Eswatini 1.367 million 4.409 billion
  14. Faroe Islands 49,290 2.477 billion
  15. Fiji 905,502 5.061 billion
  16. Grenada 107,825 1.119 billion
  17. Guatemala 16.91 million 75.62 billion
  18. Guyana 777,859 3.676 billion
  19. Haiti 10.98 million 8.408 billion
  20. Honduras 9.265 million 22.98 billion
  21. Iceland 338,349 23.91 billion
  22. Israel 8.712 million 350.9 billion 
  23. Jamaica 2.89 million 14.77 billion
  24. Korea 51.47 million 1.531 trillion
  25. Lesotho 2.233 million 2.639 billion
  26. Lichenstein 37,810 6.289 billion
  27. Madagascar 25.57 million 11.5 billion
  28. Mauritius 1.265 million 13.34 billion
  29. Mozambique 29.67 million 12.33 billion
  30. Namibia 2.534 million 13.24 billion
  31. Nicaragua 6.218 million 13.81 billion
  32. Norway 5.258 million 398.8 billion
  33. Palestinian Authority 4.817 million 15 billion
  34. Panama 4.099 million 61.84 billion
  35. Papua New Guinea 8.251 million 21.09 billion 
  36. Peru 32.17 million 211.4 billion
  37. Seychelles 95,843 1.486 billion
  38. South Africa 56.72 million 349.4 billion
  39. St Kitts and Nevis 55,345 945.9 million
  40. St Lucia 178,844 1.712 billion
  41. St Vincent and the Grenadines 109,897 789.6 million
  42. Suriname 563,402 3.324 billion
  43. Switzerland 8.42 million 678.9 billion
  44. Trinidad and Tobago 1.369 million 22.1 billion
  45. Zimbabwe 16.53 million 17.85 billion

Remainers said the UK would never sign these deals by Brexit day. DIT is pretty rapidly proving them wrong…

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