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Theresa May issues an emotional New Year plea for MPs to unite on Brexit deal

THERESA May today issues a new year plea to MPs to back her Brexit deal so Britain can finally unite and “turn a corner” on its bitter EU schism.

The PM’s emotional new call comes in her January 1 video message to the country.

PA:Press Association The Prime Minister appeared emotional in her January 1 video message[/caption]

It also emerged yesterday that she has began a frantic final eight days of calls to EU leaders in a race against time to save her agreement.

No10 admitted that there is “still more work to do” to win extra legal assurances from Brussels for the hated Irish backstop – that keeps the UK in a customs union – to be temporary.

MPs begin debating the deal a week tomorrow on January 9, ahead of the landmark meaningful vote on it the following week.

In a video message released late last night, Mrs May said: “In the next few weeks MPs will have an important decision to make.

Reuters Theresa May said in the video ‘We have all we need to thrive and if we come together in 2019. I know we can make a success of what lies ahead’[/caption]

“If Parliament backs a deal, Britain can turn a corner.”

“The referendum in 2016 was divisive but we all want the best for our country and 2019 can be the year we put our differences aside and move forward together.”

The PM also tried to contrast opening “a new chapter with optimism and hope” with the constitutional chaos that could follow if her deal is voted down with less than 80 days to go until Brexit itself on March 29.

She added: “We have all we need to thrive and if we come together in 2019. I know we can make a success of...


  1. Is she taking the PISS or what


  3. Someone tell her the British public already made the important decision back in 2016!

  4. What a barefaced lier this vermin of a human being is worse than any traitor this country ever had

  5. Her proposal / deal, has NO content whatsoever, It does NOT deliver what we voted for and the Irish bit is simply a diversion...... ANY MP worth his / her salts will hopefully vote it down whatever the eventual ramifications, Tory's will only lose the next GE if she is at the top, they need not fear Labour, too many people are wise to Corbyn. What we really need is "Change" a new party of the center that has ONLY the interests of the UK in mind, We are in real need to rid ourselves of the extreme poles of the left and right. Kick corporate business lobbying out of decision making altogether, and Make lobbying illegal.


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