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Theresa May issues an emotional New Year plea for MPs to unite on Brexit deal

THERESA May today issues a new year plea to MPs to back her Brexit deal so Britain can finally unite and “turn a corner” on its bitter EU schism.The PM’s emotional new call comes in her January 1 video message to the country.PA:Press Association The Prime Minister appeared emotional in her January 1 video message[/caption]It also emerged yesterday that she has began a frantic final eight days of calls to EU leaders in a race against time to save her agreement.No10 admitted that there is “still more work to do” to win extra legal assurances from Brussels for the hated Irish backstop – that keeps the UK in a customs union – to be temporary.MPs begin debating the deal a week tomorrow on January 9, ahead of the landmark meaningful vote on it the following week.In a video message released late last night, Mrs May said: “In the next few weeks MPs will have an important decision to make.Reuters Theresa May said in the video ‘We have all we need to thrive and if we come together in 2019. I kn…

Desperate Theresa May begs EU leaders for help with Brexit in New Year charm offensive

DESPERATE Theresa May will launch a last-ditch lobbying campaign over New Year as she begs EU leaders to improve the Brexit deal.The PM has admitted she has “work to do” to get the withdrawal agreement through Parliament next month.Theresa May is lobbying European leaders to help her out over BrexitGetty - Contributor She is spending this week phoning European leaders asking them to sign off on changes to the deal which will ensure the hated “Irish backstop” doesn’t tie Britain to the EU forever.Mrs May is counting on securing a legal assurance that the backstop would be time-limited if it ever came into force.Otherwise, the UK would risk being permanently trapped in the customs union – stopping us from cutting trade deals with other countries around the world.The PM has already spent some of the Christmas period talking to EU leaders and trying to make progress, her spokesman said today.Mrs May wants a hand from leaders such as Angela MerkelAP:Associated Press No10 said Mrs May was s…

June in Review

June saw an attempted putsch against Anna Soubry in her constituency, Guido was the first with the news. Peston on Sunday was culled, mercifully reducing the Sunday politics shows overload. Arron Banks got up to fun and games in parliament before leaving for lunch. The ABC’s adoration of the EU is something to behold. The European Commission didn’t want us to behold some intemperate comments from Juncker.Soubry’s Constituency Association Chairman Canvassing Membership’s SupportSoubry Calls Broxtowe Tories Crisis MeetingSoubry On Quitting the ToriesSoubry Accuses Association Chairman of Plot to Oust Her and Reports Him to CCHQLibDem Policy: It’s Transphobic to Call Ian Huntley Ian HuntleyCorbynistas Triggered By Tracey Ullman SketchBrexit Britain Wins $35 Billion Contract to Build Aussie WarshipsPeston on Sunday CancelledCollins Humiliated as Banks Walks Out For LunchPriti Hands Dossier of Remain Collusion Evidence to Electoral CommissionWelby: EU is Greatest Human Achievement For 1500…

US casts doubt on whether a Brexit trade deal with Britain is possible

The US ambassador to the UK, Woody Johnson, said America is watching closely to see how the Brexit situation develops. Read full article

May in Review

The weirdo one man stage invasion when the British singer came on was of course by a crazy Corbynista. It worked out badly for him, Israel won Eurovision. It worked out badly for Owen Jones’ own campaign to oust the Tories in local elections, the Tories held on. A furious Labour insider complained “Hundreds of activists were sent to campaign in the wrong places just to feed the outsized egos of a few pied pipers on Twitter. It can’t be allowed to happen again.” It will…Eurovision Stage Invader Is CorbynistaHumiliation For Owen Jones’ “Unseat the Tories” Vanity CampaignTommy Robinson Jailed, Reporting Restrictions LiftedLabour Activists Brand First BAME Home Secretary “Coconut” and “Uncle Tom”Labour Members Disrupt Minute’s Silence For Tessa Jowell295 MPs Who Tried to Muzzle the PressAdonis Tweets Racist CartoonThe post May in Review appeared first on Guido Fawkes.

Ministers set to dredge historic Ramsgate harbour so it can become ‘second Dover’ in No Deal Brexit

MINISTERS have drawn up secret plans to dredge a historic Georgian harbour and turn it into a “second Dover” in case of a No Deal Brexit, The Sun can reveal.Ramsgate in Kent is set to be excavated by diggers so the port can handle large cargo ships and ferries.Getty The picturesque port of Ramsgate could be turned into an industrial hub[/caption]But officials fear the plans will disrupt the genteel tourist destination by turning it into an industrial hub in a matter of months.The project is set to be overseen by gaffe-prone Transport Secretary Chris Grayling, who’s been accused of causing chaos on the country’s railways, roads and airports.One Whitehall insider told The Sun: “It’s getting people really worried – you’ll have massive HGVs going up and down this historic harbour.“It could be a massive f***-up. We’re all imagining Chris Grayling at the helm of the digger.”EPA Ministers fear Dover will be severely disrupted after Brexit[/caption]Ramsgate is located just 20 miles away from …

'Prophecy Prepper' spends thousands as he fears riots after Brexit

Mark McLean, 33, has spent more than £2,000 amassing food, a first aid kit, basic medications and camping gear. He currently lives in a Glasgow city centre flat but will live off the land when riots start. Read full article

‘Doomsday Prepper’ spends thousands stockpiling food rations and an AXE amid fears Brexit will spark riots

A CALL centre worker has splashed thousands on doomsday preparations and stockpiling as he believes the UK will fall into “riots and public disorder” over Brexit.Mark McLean has already spent more than £2,000 hoarding food, medical supplies, army rations and camping gear ahead of the March crunch date in Britain’s EU exit process.Mark McLean is preparing for Brexit by stockpiling food and equipping himself with camping equipmentKennedy News and Media The 33-year-old customer services manager thinks riots and public panic ‘is a guarantee’ but plans to flee his Glasgow home to live off the land in the the remote Scottish Highlands.Having trained himself to hunt deer and squirrels and collect rainwater to drink, Mark even plans to build a giant underground bunker and tunnel system as he sees a Russian invasion post-Brexit as likely.The ‘prophecy prepper’ has spent the last six months practising for the doomsday scenario and has all of the camping gear required – even an AXE.But while he …

April in Review

Hammond accused of blocking spending on no-deal Brexit preparations

Philip Hammond has allocated billions of pounds to preparations in case the UK crashes out of the EU in March. But he has been criticised for dragging his feet about releasing the money. Read full article

Bankers 'WON'T be paid to commute from London to EU after Brexit'

Thousands of posts could be relocated to the EU after the UK leaves in March - although the scale of the shift looks to be far lower than originally feared. Read full article

March in Review

Rich’s Monday Morning View