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‘In a world of FUDGE’ EU to SOFTEN on Irish border ‘just to get Brexit deal done’

BRUSSELS is preparing to “fudge” a last-ditch agreement on the Irish border to push through a Brexit deal with Britain in the 11th hour.

Armada of US warships inches through South China Sea with Japan risking China’s fury

THE UNITED States risks infuriating China after American warships performed a military exercise in the hotly contested South China Sea with Japan.

EU lightbulb interference continues as halogen bulbs banned

HALOGEN lightbulbs are to be phased off shop shelves from this weekend as part of an EU-wide effort to improve energy efficiency and cut carbon emissions.

South Africa farm seizures: Trump's tweet was 'ignorant and unhelpful'

US President Donald Trump waded into the debate on South African land reform and was met with fierce criticism last week. So what is happening in South Africa?

'DOOMED TO FAIL' Donald Trump's sanctions on Iran oil industry branded 'DELUSIONAL'

DONALD Trump's sanctions on Iran are "doomed to fail" and will not disrupt Tehran's lucrative oil exports, a finance expert has warned.

'You can blame everything on Brexit now!' Sky News host MOCKS Jamie Oliver claims

SKY News host Stephen Dixon took aim at Jamie Oliver after the chef blamed Brexit for having to spend a tenth of his wealth to save his restaurant business.

Brexit time scandal: EU's 'Berlin time' plot may create time border between Belfast and UK

EUROPEAN Union bosses could create a time border between Northern Ireland and United Kingdom by forcing Belfast to adhere to a Brussels directive to abolish changing the clocks in the winter.

Mogg’s Bollocks To Brexit Moment

Jacob Rees-Mogg was forced to remove a ‘Bollocks to Brexit’ sticker from his back yesterday, when a remain supporting prankster (who seems to spend most of his time hoisting EU flags on MPs offices) apparently tried to stick it on Mogg’s back without him noticing.Stay classy, remainers…The post Mogg’s Bollocks To Brexit Moment appeared first on Guido Fawkes.

Scallop wars: French minister draws LINE on where British fishermen can go ahead of talks

FRENCH fishing industry officials have told British fishermen to stay out of waters close to the Normandy coast after violent skirmishes in the Channel over scallops.

Green Party Suspends Former Leadership Candidate

Former candidate for the deputy leadership of the Green Party, Aimee Challenor, has been suspended from the party pending an external investigation into the “circumstances and disclosures” relating to her father acting as her election agent, whilst facing charges for raping and abusing a child in his attic. David Challenor was last week found guilty and sentenced to 22 years in prison. The Green Party are stressing that “no fault is assumed or should be inferred” as a result of this suspension, as any assertion of fault could be prejudicial to due process.The post Green Party Suspends Former Leadership Candidate appeared first on Guido Fawkes.

Major banks 'ABSOLUTELY' preparing for NO DEAL Brexit scenario says top financial expert

ALL major banks and financial institutions are preparing for a ‘no-deal’ Brexit according to a top financial expert.

Field: I Am Considering Standing Down

Frank Field has told BBC News he is going to consider standing down as an MP altogether, after moving to sit as an independent over the anti-semitism, intolerance, nastiness, and intimidation in the Labour Party.“Over the next few days that is clearly a question that I will have to think about… I will be in Birkenhead, people will be talking to me, coming up to me in the street to see whether they want me to have a by-election or not.”If he does go, Momentum will have their first scalp. It won’t be the last…The post Field: I Am Considering Standing Down appeared first on Guido Fawkes.

TORIES AT WAR: Theresa May 'at odds with Philip Hammond' over new plastic bags charge

THERESA May appeared to be at war with her Chancellor last night after their ongoing tensions resurfaced in a row over a new plastic bags levy. Reports of the latest row follows the Prime Minister having to publicly slap down Philip Hammond last week over his attempts to undermine the Government’s message on a no deal not being a disaster for the country.

More Evidence of Thatcher’s Efforts To Free Mandela

A co-conspirator has got in touch with Guido to remind readers that there is plenty of documentary evidence highlighting Margaret Thatcher’s repeated attempts to free Nelson Mandela, working through diplomatic channels – rather than just protesting outside the embassy. The Anti-Apatheid Movement specifically expressed their gratitude to her for her efforts…Many left-wingers, despite being told by people who were actually involved in the diplomacy, despite all the available historical documentary evidence and the clarity of statements by Nelson Mandela himself, still persist in claiming Margaret Thatcher supported apartheid. It goes beyond mere political propaganda.It is not enough that they disagreed with her on the means to end apartheid, they have to demonise her and further justify their hatred of Maggie. It chimes with the truism that the right thinks that left-wingers are just wrong about human nature whereas the left think that right-wingers are wicked humans. They have an emoti…

Brexit live: Dominic Raab in SIX HOUR talks with Barnier fearing deadline will be MISSED

BREXIT Secretary Dominic Raab is preparing for six hours of talks in Brussels with the EU's chief negotiator Michel Barnier.

Friday Caption Contest (Crumpet Edition)

Merkel backs German ally who mocked Brexit to replace Jean-Claude Juncker

ANGELA Merkel is pushing for a Brexit-bashing German politician to replace Jean-Claude Juncker as head of the European Commission.