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'They're ECONOMIC MIGRANTS' Nigel Farage slates misuse of term 'refugee'

NIGEL FARAGE offered his take on what a refugee is - before branding “most” of those leaving the seven countries of Donald Trump’s travel ban “economic migrants”.

The former  leader said the word was often “misused” during a TV discussion about a possible second executive order on immigration after a US appeals court upheld the decision to halt the US leader’s ban.

The initial directive saw citizens from Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen temporarily barred along with all refugees.
Speaking on Fox News, Mr Farage said: “Be careful about using the word refugees. You know a refugee is somebody in fear of their life because of their race or their religion.”
He said welcoming people from those countries increased the terror threat in Europe and America.
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  1. Nigel is so right, the majority are NOT refugee's they are people after an easy living and hand out's.
    We just have to look at the increase in crime including molestation and rape of western girls since the "free travel" rubbish was brought in by Merkel and co..
    A genuine refugee has reached his "refuge" once he/she has reached the first safe country.
    They should not be allowed to just move about Europe (or America) choosing the place they think is best for their new cushy life.
    It is fair enough that we should accept women and children - real children - not the dubious teenagers that were recently allowed into UK.
    Their young men should immediately be conscripted into Europe's armies, trained and then sent home to fight for their own countries and once this is achieved their families can be repatriated with them.


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