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Lord Heseltine to head Tory rebellion against PM on Brexit

Prime Minister Theresa May faces a rebellion in the House of Lords - with Tory grandee Michael Heseltine vowing to defy the Prime Minister and back opposition efforts to ensure Parliament gets a meaningful vote on the final outcome of Brexit negotiations.

Ignoring the fact that the public already made the decision to leave the EU. Lord Heseltine said Labour, Lib Dem and rebellious Conservative colleagues are prepared to throw their support behind a change to the Government's Brexit Bill.

They want Parliament to have the ability to veto the outcome of Mrs May's negotiations in Brussels, including if she walks away without a deal.

Writing for The Mail on Sunday, Lord Heseltine said he was not engaging in a "confrontation" with the Government - but warned the Supreme Court's ruling that MPs and peers (NOT THE BRITISH PEOPLE) have ultimate authority over Brexit needs to be upheld.

He wrote: "In the end the outcome of Brexit will have to be confirmed by Parliament.


NIGEL FARAGE - We are winning

We are winning. Watch the video clip
We're for our country, for our people and we are winning! — Nigel Farage (@Nigel_Farage) February 24, 2017

How a tiny Canadian IT company helped swing the Brexit vote for Leave

With the entire political establishment massed against them and the bookmakers giving them no hope, the Leave campaign faced what many thought was an impossible battle to take Britain out of the European Union.

But election data published yesterday has provided a window into how Vote Leave upset the odds to land a sensational victory in last year's EU referendum.

While the Remain camp boasted of their success in reaching out to millions of people on Facebook, home to the millennial voters who would be expected to back Britain staying in the EU, it has emerged that the Leave campaign spent nearly half of its cash on a secretive consultancy firm that helped win the social media battle.

AggregateIQ (AIQ), a technology company operating out of a tiny office above an opticians in a provincial Canadian city, was given £3.5 million by Leave campaigners in the run up to last year’s EU vote – equivalent to more than ten per cent of the £32 million spent by both sides during the campaign.

Read …

We should own it' Farage says Ukip must base its campaign on tough immigration stance

We should own it' Farage says Ukip must base its campaign on tough immigration stance

NIGEL Farage has said Ukip needs to base its electoral strategy around a tough stance on immigration after his successor Paul Nuttall failed to defeat Labour in the Stoke Central by-election

Visit website for full story

Should Nigel come back as UKIP leader Sign the petition 

A disgrace Ukip donor calls for Douglas Carswell to be REMOVED in fresh party feud

A disgrace!' Ukip donor calls for Douglas Carswell to be 'REMOVED' in fresh party feud
UKIP’s only MP Douglas Carswell has been branded a “disgrace” in a scathing attack by the party’s largest donor. Visit website to read more

The Daily Brexit has been calling for Carswell to resign for ages. Sign the petition
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EU THREAT TO PENSIONS: Mass migration blamed for £30 billion a YEAR economic catastrophe

EU THREAT TO PENSIONS: Mass migration blamed for £30 billion a YEAR 'economic catastrophe'

MASS EU migration is a £30 billion a year threat to Britain’s state pension, a new report has warned. Visit website to read more
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A duty to DELIVER Government under pressure to drop transitional period before Brexit

'A duty to DELIVER' Government under pressure to drop 'transitional period' before Brexit

THE Government is under pressure to drop proposals for a “transitional period” before leaving the EU after new figures suggest it could lead to public services being overwhelmed by migrants. Visit website to read more
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Stoke - The UKIP EFFECT worked!

Well done Paul Nuttall for using the UKIP EFFECT in Stoke.
To all who grasp the UKIP EFFECT in relation to Brexit strategy, the Stoke by-election was never ultimately about UKIP winning.
Paul Nuttall said one of UKIP's key roles in this pre-Brexit phase, is to hold the Government's feet to the fire and ensure Theresa May does not give in to the globalist establishment, but instead delivers genuine Brexit, i.e. regains 100% control over UK maritime and land borders.
In Stoke, Paul Nuttall did exactly what was needed.  By splitting the Conservative vote, UKIP has delivered a timely reminder to the Government about what will happen to its marginal seats in the south, if there is any Brexit betrayal.
Yesterday Labour took 7,854 votes. 
The Conservatives with 5,154 votes needed only another 2,701 votes to win. 
See how the UKIP EFFECT worked? If UKIP had not taken 4,186 votes, the Conservatives would have won Stoke!
Brexit News says to Theresa May, do the right thing!  Reject the globalist

VIDEO - The Truth about Sweden -MUST SHARE

The Truth about Sweden VIDEO

Paul Joseph Watson / Info Wars


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The Truth about Sweden

The Truth about Sweden VIDEO

Paul Joseph Watson / Info Wars


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Author says article published 'is nothing but the truth' - FEBRUARY 23, 2017
Ultra-liberal website Huffington Post removed an article from their website yesterday which admitted Donald Trump was right about Sweden’s immigration problem.
A Wednesday article written by Norwegian author and HuffPo contributor René Zografos entitled, “Trump is Absolutely Right About Sweden” (google Cache copy), outlined the nation’s “huge problems because of liberal immigration policy.”
“It’s well known for Scandinavians and other Europeans that liberal immigration comes with drugs, rapes, gang wars, robbery and violence,” wrote Zografos in the now-deleted article. “Additional to that we see the respective nations cultures fading away, for good and for bad.”
Zografos documented that mere hours after Trump made his comments on Sweden, “there was a riot of violence and destructions by immigrants in the capitol of Sweden, Stockholm.”

But Google Cache captured the article for all to see “Trump i…

Nigel Farage admits sacrificing his family for historic Brexit

There was a price to pay' Nigel Farage admits sacrificing his family for historic Brexit

FORMER Ukip leader Nigel Farage says he sacrificed his family to take Britain out of Europe. Read the full story >>

Story via The Brexit News App

REVEALED: Immigration from Romania and Bulgaria to Britain reaches all-time HIGH

MORE than half of the EU migrants arriving in Britain during the year to last September came from Romania and Bulgaria, new figures revealed today. Read the full article

Taxpayers Billed £60,000 Per Month For Conflicted HS2 Boss

Taxpayers were billed almost £60,000 per month so HS2 Ltd could hire the director of a firm it later awarded a £170 million contract.
A written question by Cheryl Gillan reveals HS2 Ltd paid US engineering firm CH2M an astonishing £48,500 plus VAT per month pro rata for the services of interim chief executive Roy Hill. Under Hill’s tenure, HS2 awarded CH2M a highly controversial £170 million contract which is currently the subject of legal threats over conflict of interest allegations. The HS2 deal to hire Hill from CH2M is equivalent to a package worth £700,000 per year, nearly five times the salary of the Prime Minister. An extraordinary amount of money for any taxpayer-funded official, let alone one at the centre of a half-a-billion pound conflict of interest row. HS2 is already delayed and over budget, so it is hardly performance related pay. How do the Department for Transport possibly justify these numbers?

The post Taxpayers Billed £60,000 Per Month For Conflicted HS2 Boss appear…

Net Migration 273,000 Last Year

The key statistics: Net migration 273,000 for 2016Down 50,000 on 2015, this is seen as not statistically significant596,000 immigrated to the UK268,000 new EU citizens, 257,000 new non-EU citizensNet migration now higher from EU than outside EU323,000 emigrated: including 103,000 EU citizens and 93,000 non-EU74,000 Romanians and Bulgarians came in 2016, highest estimate recorded104,000 arrived looking for work but without a job to go toNet migration essentially still around that stubborn 300,000 mark…

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UKIP says Britain should slash its foreign aid budget

The UK Independence Party (UKIP) is calling for an 80 percent cut to the foreign aid budget so the money can be spent on national infrastructure.

Britain currently spends around £12.5 billion ($15.5 billion) a year supporting developing and war-torn countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, and South Sudan.

But UKIP says the aid is inadequate, does not truly alleviate poverty, leaves those receiving it dependent on support, and perpetuates bad government.

A paper published by the party this week outlines the downfalls of the system, arguing that much of what is spent in foreign aid actually ends up in the pockets of charitable organizations such as Oxfam and the Fairtrade Labelling Organisation.

“The UK government is committed to spend 0.7 percent of [gross national income] on overseas aid. This has resulted in a significant real-terms increase in the aid budget in recent years, even as other departmental budgets have been cut, financial pressure on the NHS (National Health Service)…

Pro-Brexit voters suspicious of all experts – even weather forecasters, poll finds

People who voted ‘Leave’ in the EU referendum generally tend to be more sceptical of experts than those who voted to ‘Remain,’ a YouGov poll suggests.

It is already widely believed that Leave voters have little time for expert opinion on Brexit, but new figures indicate Brexiteers hold scant regard for experts in all fields.

The poll follows former Justice Secretary Michael Gove’s claim in the run-up to the EU referendum that “people in this country have had enough of experts.”

According to the poll, the lack of trust tends to be stronger for certain types of experts, with Leavers being 21 percentage points less likely to trust economists than people who voted to Remain in the EU.

Leave voters were also 20 percent less likely to trust civil servants and scientists, and 15 percent less likely to trust weather forecasters.

The poll also found that Conservatives and UKIP supporters in 2015 were more distrustful of experts than those voting for Labour and the Liberal Democrats.

But social clas…

Boris Johnson & social media attack Tony Blair’s call for Brexit revolt (VIDEO)

Tony Blair has been slammed by Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson for attempting to derail Brexit, after the former prime minister called for ‘Remainers’ to “rise up” against Britain’s EU exit in his first major public speech on the issue since the referendum. 
Johnson accused the former Labour PM of “insulting the intelligence” of voters and showing “contempt” towards them for trying to the derail Brexit.
“I call on the British people to rise up and turn off the TV when Tony Blair next appears with his condescending campaign,” Johnson mocked.

Speaking in the City of London for the first time since the EU referendum on June 23, Blair said he would take on the “mission” to urge Remainers to “rise up” against the government’s intent to carry out Brexit at “any cost.”

But the foreign secretary hit back, saying the British public had been warned about the potential negative impact of Brexit on the country’s economy.“Of course there will be elections down the line. Be in no doubt that the people…

68% want government to get on with Brexit

A new ICM poll for Change Britain confirms Tony Blair’s delusion. 68% of voters want the government to “get on with implementing the result of the referendum”, compared to just 15% who disagree. Even more Remain voters (42%) agree with the statement than disagree (33%).
When this question was last polled in December, 26% of Remainers wanted the government to get on with the job compared to 40% who disagreed. The Blairite / Open Britain talk of Leave voters changing their minds is fantasy – it is Remainers who are changing their minds and now want the government to deliver Brexit…

UPDATE: Dominic Raab says:
“These figures show how out of touch Tony Blair is with the mood of the country. Far from wanting to reverse the referendum, the overwhelming majority want the result respected and for politicians to get on with making a success of Brexit.”
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Presodent Trump News Conference 16th Feb 17 - FULL

President Trump Pushes Back Against News Media in Press Conference

President Donald Trump mounted a vigorous defense of his presidency Thursday, pushing back against media reports that his campaign advisers had inappropriate contact with Russian officials and vowing to crack down on the leaking of classified information.

Mr Trump slammed the media for fake news reports and pointed out that the headlines tomorrow will include reports of him ranting.

If there is one thing President Trump does well, he tells the truth about the crooked media and their Globalist puppet masters!


Virtue Signalling - Dear Virtue Signalling Celebrities - Paul Joseph Watson

Virtue Signalling - Dear Virtue Signalling Celebrities - Put up or Shut the F**k up

Number 10 considering Article 50 migrant cut off date

Theresa May has been clear she wants to guarantee the rights of EU citizens currently living in Britain to stay, so long as Britons abroad are given the same guarantees. The question being considered by Number 10 is the date at which this right to remain ends. Three possible dates have been looked at as a cut off point after which EU migrants’ rights are no longer guaranteed: the date of the referendum, the triggering of Article 50 and the date of exit itself. Each of these options has its difficulties.

Awarding the right to remain to new EU migrants up until the date of exit would likely lead to a surge of new EU immigration over the coming months. Thousands of Romanians and Bulgarians rushing into Britain while they still can is not going to go down well with voters. It would be gold dust for UKIP. Next week’s immigration statistics will focus minds in Downing Street.

What about using the date of the referendum? Removing the right to remain from EU citizens before we have formally be…

Open Britain wheels out BLAIR to patronise voters

Open Britain, the zombie Remain campaign, is hosting a speech by Tony Blair today in which he will argue for Brexit to be reversed. The pre-briefed quotes go from mildly patronising – “The people voted without knowledge of the true terms of Brexit” – to full on contemptuous condescension: “Our challenge is to show how this decision was based on imperfect knowledge which will now become informed knowledge, to calculate in easy to understand ways how proceeding will cause real damage”. Blair and Open Britain seriously still believe that Leave voters are stupid, ill-informed idiots whose minds can be changed if the case to Remain is explained “in easy to understand ways”. Hard to think how Blairite metropolitan elitists could be more patronising. They just don’t get it.

Richard Tice from Leave Means Leave makes a fair point:
“There is some irony that Tony Blair, a former Prime Minister who will forever be remembered for deceiving the British people, will try to resurrect his politi…

GOV.UK PETITION Remove the EU flag from the UK driving licence.

Sign the Petition Remove the EU flag from the UK driving licence. UK Government Petition

On 23rd June 2016 the British people voted to Leave the EU. Now MP's have voted to accept the PM's Article 50 bill and triggering the process of leaving is imminent, we petition the Government to order the removal of the EU flag from all newly issued UK driving licenses.

Sign Now

The EU flag as defined by the circle of yellow stars on the rectangular blue background. Once Britain leaves the political Union, this symbol will not only be outdated but will have no place on official documents such as the UK driving license. The symbol, appearing on official government issued documents, signifies the EU’s power over those institutions issuing said documents. Britain leaving the EU means that the EU no longer has any jurisdiction over these British government institutions.

Sign Now

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Posted by Brexit News on Wednesday, 15 February 2017 Posted by Brexi…

REVEALED: UKIP now MORE popular among working class voters than Labour, poll shows

UKIP has been given a boost ahead of the upcoming Stoke Central by-election as the independence party is now more popular among working class voters than Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour, according to a new poll.

Read full article here >> 

Brexit game changer? EU chiefs tight-lipped as pressure mounts for free movement reform

EUROPE’S free movement rules could be set for fundamental reform under proposals which would have a transformative effect on any future negotiation of a free trade deal between the EU and Britain.

Eurocrats refused to be drawn today on dynamite plans by Austria that would put an end to the issue of wage undercutting by workers from other member states which has proved so unpopular with ordinary voters.

Vienna said it was fundamentally “unfair” that workers predominantly from neighbouring Eastern Europe were willing to take jobs for lower pay at a time when unemployment amongst its own population is rocketing.

Any move to restrict the movement of low-skilled labour would be one of the biggest shake-ups of free movement rules in the bloc’s history and would address key concerns voiced during Britain’s referendum campaign, but it would likely be ferociously opposed by eastern European members

Read the full article >>

'They're ECONOMIC MIGRANTS' Nigel Farage slates misuse of term 'refugee'

NIGEL FARAGE offered his take on what a refugee is - before branding “most” of those leaving the seven countries of Donald Trump’s travel ban “economic migrants”.
The former  leader said the word was often “misused” during a TV discussion about a possible second executive order on immigration after a US appeals court upheld the decision to halt the US leader’s ban.

The initial directive saw citizens from Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen temporarily barred along with all refugees. Speaking on Fox News, Mr Farage said: “Be careful about using the word refugees. You know a refugee is somebody in fear of their life because of their race or their religion.” He said welcoming people from those countries increased the terror threat in Europe and America. Read the Full Article at >> 

The Leigh by-election will be the real test for Ukip

Ukip are in the midst of an expectation management exercise in Stoke-on-Trent Central. As Paul Nuttall battles to take Tristram Hunt’s old seat from Labour in this month’s by-election, the Ukip leader has said a loss wouldn’t be ‘terminal’ as the constituency is not even in the party’s top 50 target seats.

There’s good reason for Ukip to get their excuses in early. Despite facing a lacklustre Labour candidate in arch-remainer Gareth Snell (not helped by an over-active Twitter account), Nuttall has hardly been welcomed to the area.

The party had hoped for a Brexit boost in the Leave constituency, but the Ukip leader’s decision to list an address he had never been to as ‘home’ on his nomination form has upset locals. Activists complain that their campaign efforts are met with apathy on the doorstep.

There are also murmurs of discontent over Ukip’s ground game — or lack thereof — with the party missing Chris Bruni-Lowe, who was involved in the successful Rochester and Clacton by-election ca…

EURO HUMILIATION: Germany ‘freaked out’ as Greece 'could ditch EU currency for US DOLLAR'

GREECE could be poised to humiliate Brussels by ditching the euro and instead choosing to be tied to the US dollar, Donald Trump’s reported pick as EU ambassador has sensationally claimed.
Professor Ted Malloch revealed that senior Greek economists have enquired about the possibility of adopting the greenback if the country crashes out of the single currency. He asserted that Athens is so desperate it is prepared to tie itself to the dollar on the same terms as the likes of Puerto Rico if it means being able to quit the Eurozone.

Read the Full article here >>

Dozens of Tory MPs back plan to give fast-track visas to 52 Commonwealth countries

The 45 MPs have written to the Home Secretary calling for closer ties with the Commonwealth

Dozens of Conservative MPs have signed up to a plan to give citizens of the 52 Commonwealth countries “fast-track” visas to the UK after Brexit.

A letter to the Home Secretary, published in TheDaily Telegraph newspaper, says loosening visa control on Commonwealth nations would “extend the hand of friendship to our Commonwealth partners”.

If the MPs’ plan goes ahead citizens from countries including Pakistan, India, Australia, Canada, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, and Ghana could find it easier to come to Britain.

The idea, which also proposes faster passport control queuing at UK border points for Commonwealth citizens, is due to be debated in Parliament on 26 February.

The MPs say it is unfair that EU and EEA citizens should get to join the UK queue while Commonwealth countries are lumped in with others.

“In the previous century, Commonwealth countries stood with Britain as we faced existential threa…

Leave Article 50 bill alone or risk abolition, Lords told

Senior Conservatives have warned the Lords that it will face public outrage and abolition if it goes ahead with a plan to defeat Theresa May over Brexit.

A coalition of Labour, Liberal Democrat and crossbench peers will amend the prime minister’s Brexit bill to make clear that EU citizens who were in Britain before the referendum will be allowed to stay in Britain.

Britain's upper house of parliament has been given "a pretty powerful message" to pass legislation to start Brexit talks and not delay Prime Minister Theresa May's timetable for leaving the European Union, a government minister said on Sunday.

In interviews with local media, David Lidington, the leader of the lower house of parliament, said the unelected upper chamber should respect the vote to leave the EU at last year's referendum and the support given by the House of Commons.

Members of the Lords from the opposition Liberal Democrats say they will try to attach conditions to a bill giving May the right…

We’ve got EU on the RUN!’ Farage celebrates as Juncker admits Britain IS in control

We’ve got EU on the RUN!’ Farage celebrates as Juncker admits Britain IS in control

JEAN-CLAUDE JUNCKER is "nervous" because "cracks" are appearing in the European Union, a celebratory Nigel Farage declared tonight.

It followed an interview with a worried Jean-Claude Juncker on Saturday in which he admitted Britain was in the driving seat when it came to Brexit.

The Commission president said the UK “know very well how the can tackle this”, explaining the individual deals now possible to Theresa May’s government were a major asset.

He said: "The other EU 27 don't know it yet, but the Brits know very well how they can tackle this.

“They could promise country A this, country B that, and country C something else, and the end game is that there is not a united European front."

Nigel Farage gloatingly responded to these comments these evenings, claiming they showed Mr Juncker and his Eurocrats were “worried and nervous”.

He added the comments showed “cracks were a…

Clegg: ‘UKIP Has a Permanent Role’

Last night Nick Clegg gave a talk at UCL where he was asked by a student what he thought the future of UKIP would be now Britain had voted to leave the EU. He said: “There’s a permanent role for UKIP in Britain and this may surprise you but that’s the way it should be”. He was deadly serious about this point, that he wanted UKIP to last:

“UKIP should play a continued role as a voice for those who don’t like the modern world… It is a travesty that 4 million people voted for UKIP at the last election and all they got was Douglas Carswell. Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t agree with anything they stand for.” He also claimed, with a sense of sadness, that “Paul Dacre, the editor of the Daily Mail, runs our country now.”

Can’t think why he hates Dacre…
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APOLOGISE! Tory leader calls on Remainers to repent for Brexit doom-mongering

THE LEADER of the Welsh Conservatives issued a strong call for the Remain campaign to apologise for painting an "apocalyptic vision” of Brexit that has not come true.

Full story
Read it here

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BREXIT BOOM: Doom-mongers wrong AGAIN as figures show manufacturing and construction SURGE

FRESH evidence that Britain's economy is defying the Brexit doom-mongers was revealed yesterday when official figures confirmed a surge manufacturing and construction.
Data from the Office for National Statistics showed that both key economic sectors grew in at a faster rate in the final month of last year than forecast by experts. Construction expanded by a healthy 1.8 per cent in December, up from 0.4 per cent during the previous month.
Manufacturing output also grew more quickly than economists had predicted, with an even better 2.1 per cent increase.
From the Express
Read the full article

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EU warned - you will NOT bully us! Fury as Brussels wants £49BILLION Brexit ransom

FURY erupted today over reports that EU officials are preparing to hit Britain with a punitive £49billion bill for leaving the bloc.

From the Express Read the full article

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EUROTRASHED: Sturgeon's independence dream in TATTERS as Brussels says 'join the queue'

NICOLA Sturgeon's case for another independence referendum lay in tatters today after a leading Eurocrat said a break away Scotland would have to join the queue for bloc membership.
Nicola Sturgeon's case for another independence referendum was crushed as Brussels said 'join the qu

The First Minister has repeatedly threatened another divisive poll to protect as many as possible "benefits" of being in the international club following last June's Brexit vote.

Ms Sturgeon has also signalled she is ready to launch a new bid to break up Britain in "the next few weeks" if Theresa May does not back her plan for a bespoke deal to remain in the single market.

Throughout the 2014 independence campaign the SNP claimed a separate Scotland could automatically remain within the EU, but senior official Jacqueline Minor has directly contradicted that.

Ms Minor said it would have to apply from scratch and follow the usual accession process joining a list of candidate cou…
Paul Joseph Watson exposes Liberal hypocricies yet again.

The info wars presenter, as usual speaks the truth. Exposing fake News media and showing what we are up against.

Tory MP tables Speaker no confidence motion

Result of Brexit News Public Poll.
A Conservative Party MP has tabled a no confidence motion against House of Commons speaker John Bercow,
Tory MP has tabled a no confidence motion against House of Commons speaker John Bercow,

Sky News has learned. Mr Bercow, the Commons Speaker has faced calls to consider his position after saying the US President should not be allowed to address Parliament during his state visit.

He later said that he had been "honestly and honourably seeking to discharge my responsibilities to the House". But MP James Duddridge told Sky News that the Speaker had "overstepped the mark a number of times".

He added: "This most recent incident, where he used the Speaker's chair to pronounce his views on an international situation in some quite detailed and lengthy manner, is wholly inappropriate. "(It) means he can no longer reasonably chair, as Speaker, any debate on those subjects."

The motion was tabled as the Commons rose for t…

Petition: Trump to Declare the EU Institute as undemocratic, unelected illegal authority

A new petition has been sent to us here at Brexit News so that we can share with you. Petition is as follows

Petition: Trump to Declare the EU Institute as undemocratic, unelected & illegal authority


This international petition will be presented on behalf of the European citizens to US President D.J. Trump, with official evidence that will demonstrate the EU Institute has taken a coup at the sovereign European countries and gripped their power unelected. Sign this petition especially - as support -during the current elections in the Netherlands, France, Germany and Italy!

When US President D.J. Trump declares the EU Institution illegal, with no-authorization to negotiate on behalf of the European citizens, the EU Institute will be out of order, so democracy and…

Guido's Brexit Timeline : All the key dates for your diary

Last night’s historic Commons vote drives Brexit forward and all eyes are on what happens next. Here’s Guido’s rundown of crucial events in the coming months.

20-21 Article 50 Bill Second Reading, House of Lords. The government doesn’t have a majority in the Lords. Labour peers promise not to derail the Bill, but rogue Lords could cause trouble. The majority of Lib Dem peers want a second referendum and single market access which the government has set its face against.

27-28 Article 50 Bill Committee Stage, House of Lords. If the Lords do make major amendments to the Bill they will be discussed in detail over two days.

7 – Article 50 Bill Third Reading, House of Lords. A Bill amended by pro-EU peers seeking to frustrate Brexit would be returned to the Commons for “ping-pong” – but government sources have threatened peers that the Lords could be abolished if they take this course. Otherwise, a non-amended Bill will become law.

8 Phillip Hammond delivers the Budget, a key oppo…

THE LORDS - Kinnock conflict of interest

I am Neil Kinnock - I am declaring a conflict of interest in House of Lords EU debate as my EU Pension rules say I must support the EU - Yes he actually has to support the EU or lose his pension. HE SIGNED AN OATH!

I am Neil Kinnock - I am declaring a conflict of interest in House of Lords EU debate as my EU Pension rules say I must support the EU — EU = No Nein Non Nee (@EU_NoNeinNonNee) February 8, 2017

BREAKING NEWS: Brexit VICTORY! MPs give FINAL approval on bill to trigger Article 50

THERESA May and her Brexit ministers have secured a huge breakthrough after MPs gave final approval to a bill to trigger Article 50 during a decisive House of Commons vote this evening.

MPs give FINAL approval on bill to trigger Article 50
THERESA May and her Brexit ministers have secured a huge breakthrough after MPs gave final approval to a bill to trigger Article 50 during a decisive House of Commons vote this evening.

MPs tonight voted to approve the Government's Brexit bill
MPs tonight voted 494 to 122 in favour of approving the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill, which will now proceed to the House of Lords.

Despite a Labour rebellion, which saw a number of MPs ignore Jeremy Corbyn’s three-line whip, the bill passed by a clear 372 majority at 8.15pm this evening.

It followed an evening of disappointment and frustration for Westminster Europhiles, who saw several amendments rejected in a series of other votes.

Now the bill will progres…

John Bercow apologises to his Lords counterpart amid Trump visit row

After John Bercow, The commons speaker, yesterday accused Mr Trump of racism and seemed to suggest that the President would not be invited to speak in either chamber
Lord Fowler said in a statement to peers.

“I should make it clear that I was not consulted on that decision or its timing. However, the Speaker contacted me this morning. He told me that while he maintained his view on the issue he was generally sorry for failing to consult with me. Obviously, I accepted that apology.”


Bet the Virtue Signalling Bercow didn't see that coming!
We are still waiting for his resignation!