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Smug LBC caller revels with delight - It takes Nigel to shut him down

Smug Liberal clearly doesn't understand the meaning of the word democracy.

'I've got the judgement!' – Farage shuts down LBC guest slammi...
'I've got the judgement!' – Farage shuts down LBC guest slamming his Supreme Court views NIGEL FARAGE brilliantly shut down an enraged caller who called into question the Brexiteer’s views on the Supreme Court ruling, accusing him of presenting a “flimsy” argument. By JOE BARNES Published : 21:59, Tue, Jan 24, 2017 The outspoken commentator quickly turned the tables on his guest after the caller claimed that Mr Farage had shown he that he doesn’t “understand” why the ruling had gone the way it did. The Supreme Court rules that parliament must now vote on whether the Government can start the Brexit process by triggering Article 50. The judgement means Theresa May cannot begin talks with theEuropean Union until MPs and peers give their backing – although this is expected to happen in time for the Prime Minister’s March 31 deadline. Discussing the ruling on his LBC show, Mr Farage said that the ruling is part of an establishment effort to overturn the will of the British people and their historic vote for Brexit on June 23. Nigel Farage “A group of wealthy business people, many MPs in the House of Commons, many people in the House of Lords, sections of the media are trying to do everything they can to delay and dilute the whole Brexit process,” he blasted. The former Ukip leader then welcomed a caller, known only as Chris, from Temple, London, who said it had been a “fantastic day for democracy”, having heard the news from the Supreme Court. Chris then went on to accuse Mr Farage of ignoring one of the “most respected judiciaries in the world”. He then called into question the former Ukip leader's “legal argument", suggesting it was "wrong”, to which Mr Farage replied: “I think Chris, we can agree that perhaps legally it is very difficult to say what is right and what is “That’s why we are here in the first place that really concerns me, the fact that a group of very wealthy people – who are doing very nicely – have done all they can to get us to this position today and we will now see an attempt in parliament to delay and dilute the process.” But his guest attempting to rebuke the host, blasted: “The point that I am making is that you’ve given an extremely flimsy legal overview of what the problem is. “You don’t understand…” Mr Farage, brilliantly shutting down his guest, swiftly interjected: “I fully accept that it is legally contentious, but I’m asking why we are here in the first place. “I’ve got the judgement, and let me tell you this question about the independence of the judiciary – I did feel very strongly that one of the judges in the lower court, Lord Thomas, had been a career activist promoting political union of our legal systems. “I don’t think he should have made that judgement, and it’s even questionable perhaps one of the judges sitting today, Lady Hale had pre-judged the whole thing some months ago shouldn’t have been there. “There are questions about whether our judiciaries are as independent as it used to be, but I’m not expecting to get into long legal arguments. “To me, I will agree with you on one thing, that it would have been much better had the legislation had been framed that it was a binding referendum and I would suggest any future national referendum it has to be legally binding.”
Posted by The Rise of UKIP on Tuesday, 24 January 2017


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