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LibDem party political broadcast humiliation

If you were not one of the millions who changed channel as soon as you heard the words "on behalf of the Liberal Democrats", you might have seen it when it premiered on the TV earlier this week.

The LibDems latest attempt to frighten everyone into becoming spineless earth hugging Liberal Democrats  who will join the socialist hive run by none other than::: Tim Farron!

The Party political broadcast caused an out pouring of ridicule on social media just moments after it was aired. If like me, you watch them all so you can see the latest gobble-de-gook, you will see why. 
The LibDem leader who made his TV acting debut in this groundhog day inspired piece of Liberal art wants us all to believe that the LibDems are the only answer to the world's problems. 

While looking through his rose tinted, LibDem glasses, Tim seems to have forgotten that most people are not as feeble and spineless as he is.

The people of Britain voted for Brexit and the people of America voted for Donald Trump. The world is rejecting Liberalism as a failed coup by a corrupt establishment. The "useful idiot" Tim seems to be the last to know!

Here is that video for you to take a peek at.

Live Facebook Poll
LibDem Groundhog day

Another Brexit News Live Poll! You may have already seen it or just heard about it. Tim Farron's flicker on the big screen! The infamous LibDem Party Political Broadcast that was aired earlier this week on British TV. Here is todays Poll. What did you think of the Groundhog day style blockbuster? If you didn't see it, You can watch it here then come back and vote...

Posted by Brexit News on Friday, 27 January 2017
Vote in the above Live Poll by clicking here


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