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Failed LibDem Nick Clegg thinks he is an expert on Trade Deals.

Whining LibDem remoaner Nick Clegg is a dreamer. Still holding on to his vision of becoming an EU Commissioner! He really has to be the most self serving ANTI-DEMOCRATIC snollygoster in British history!

Clegg (which means "horse-fly", those things that annoy horses all day flying around their eyes) seems to think that a trade deal with America is worthless!

Yes you read that right! Clegg, in his own little world, thinks, if you combine trade with America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and India then DOUBLE IT, you could not match the wonderful trade deal we have with his beloved FAILING EU!

Supposidly outward looking, modern world globalist Clegg's whole argument is based on how close we are to Europe. Geography counts, he proclaims, our EU partners or on our doorstep. Nick seems to have conveniently forgotten the existence of aeroplanes and express couriers. Air Freight is now huge business and distance counts for nothing in a modern world of consumerism. You would think Liberal Democrats would sneer at the tiny EU wouldn't you?

Little does Nick know, while he is busy kissing Eurocratic backside, express couriers are competing for International (Next Day) delivery accounts and it is now as cheap as  £3.50 to send a small package from the UK to US. With the invention of the Internet, Any UK small business can trade globally and have a product delivered to any customer on earth in little over 24 hours if not sooner!

Backward looking Liberal Clegg clearly lived in the past. Back in the day when their was no Internet and no Express couriers. A bit like how local villages traded together before the invention of the railways.

Hey Nick, when you spend so much time up the arse of people who you think are important, I guess you never have time to understand trade from a traders point of view.

What Nick hides is that the European free trade zone and silly EEA are setup mostly to benefit large Corporate types like Branson and Co. Corporates who spend Millions of Euro's on lobbying EU Commissioners to pass laws they deem as beneficial to them. Corporations who actively seek to squash and competition from small traders!. 

Well done Nick, now we see why you want to be a Commissioner you greedy self serving, thick b**tard!

Brexit News has said it before and we will say it again. NICK CLEGG IS A CLOWN!Just like his little side kik Timmy

More on this from The Daily Express:


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