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Clegg, Farron and the short lived Remoaner victory

Was this a victory for the Remoaners? Well they think it was. Truth is, in the modern Information age there is no way social democrats will ever thwart the will of the people.

The mass population do not want socialism, they have seen it doesn't work. That is why social democratic parties FAIL! Most people consider socialist parties, who use the word democrat in their name as an insult.

Take for example the Liberal Democrats. Their name is a complete contradiction to what they stand for:

Liberal: willing to respect or accept behaviour or opinions different from one's own; open to new ideas.

Democrat: an advocate or supporter of democracy.

The Liberal Democrats represent neither of the above! Bigotted, They are not willing to accept the behaviour and opinions of anyone who voted to leave the EU. Liberal Democrats are also intolerant of anyone who dares express a view they judge as not "politically correct". Liberal Democrats seem  to think that the public are fooled by their "virtue signalling" when in reality, the Liberal democrat demise is due to the public's ability to spot self servient liars! Liberal Democrats consider themselves to be both morally and intellectually superior to anyone who wasn't clever enough to become a Liberal Democrat. You see, Because you voted to leave the EU, you didn't understand the question!

Yes, Leaving the EU was the wrong decision because Liberal Democrats say that is so! If you don't agree, you are a racist or stupid! Even better a stupid racist!

Right about now the remoaners will be banging their drums and dancing in the street because they think the Supreme court has dealt them a final reprieve. how wrong they are!

Democracy isn't defeated just because a bunch of EU gravy loving judges agreed with a well funded undemocratic remoaner! Demos Kratos (People power). Socialism can never defeat democracy other than by force. Taking democracy by force (Communism) takes a well organised army and a coup against a democratically elected government. Namby panby, lefty, liberal remainers don't have the means to use force. The EU Army was to be the means hence why Clegg tried to deny the secret plan Nigel Farage exposed! The election of Donald Trump will see a swift end to the EU Army plot and the failure of EU tyranny! see President Trump has no interest in supporting the EU

Court ruling will change nothing

This from todays Guido post
Some more excitable Brexiteers are claiming that the Supreme Court decision means the public has been “overruled” and that Article 50 “could now be blocked”. This is bluster. Leave Tories in the Commons who Guido has spoken to today expect to secure the votes of over 400 MPs to trigger Article 50. They envisage around 80 Labour MPs voting against or abstaining, the SNP voting against and a handful of Tory abstentions. In other words, a large majority to trigger. The government rates its chances of winning the Article 50 vote at “100%”. As you can see on Guido’s spreadsheet, there are currently only 80 or so MPs actually planning to vote against.
Brexit is not under threat from this morning’s decision.
So there you have it, Brexit is on track and no amount of sneering Left wing LibDem, Labour, SNP and Green Party whining will change that.

Sleep Well Brexiteers


  1. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I understand even the majority of labour MPs are going to support the referendum vote to leave the EU however, Does this decision mean there will be a vote on how we leave and what are the terms ie can they veto the government to keep us in the Single Market.


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