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LBC - Nigel Farage is talking about Donald Trump's controversial travel ban - you don't want to miss this.

The President was elected on a mandate and he is actually putting in to place policies that he promised.

The Muslim ban myth. Look at what Obama did

OH NO, NOT THE MUSLIM BAN - Paul Joseph Watson explains the truth about the so called Muslim ban

Britain divided yet again! The Left just breed division

While most sensible British people can see the potential benefit from a special relationship with our greatest ally, the United States. The stupid snowflake remoaners are again stamping their puerile feet.

News reports today indicate that over one million Brits have signed a petition to demand that the President of the USA, Donald Trump is not permitted entry to the UK. YEA like that is going to happen. The fact that these imbecilic morons would sign such a petition makes a true Brit like me, slightly embarrassed to be British. Mr President, Quoting the words of a Millionaire Z-List pop star, I apologise on behalf of the British people!
Thankfully the majority of us British folk have not been infected by this, most severe of mental illness! Liberalism. Many who have in the past have thankfully made a full recovery .... Yes it mostly inflicts children but can in some cases extend to grown adults who will never recover thanks to their EU / Common Purpose sponsored brainwashing.

There are…

I'm worried' Nigel Farage fears Theresa May 'won't make much progress' on Brexit in 2017

I'm worried' Nigel Farage fears Theresa May 'won't make much progress' on Brexit in 2017
NIGEL FARAGE has aired concerns that the UK will not have “made very much progress” on Brexit by the end of the year under Theresa May.

By AJAY NAIR published: 18:03, Sun, Jan 29, 2017

The former Ukip leader praised the Prime Minister’s landmark Brexit speech but blasted her chances of making headway on the EU divorce this year.

Speaking to Andrew Neil on the BBC’s Sunday Politics, the MEP said Autocrats had their mind preoccupied with elections in Europe and did not see Brexit as a priority.

“I have a feeling we may be in for a very frustrating 2017,” he said. “The mood, as I can see it in Brussels, is that negotiating with Britain is not a priority.

“They’re far more worried about Dutch elections, French elections, German elections, possibly even Italian elections, and I worry that by the end of this year we may not have made very much progress.”

Let me predict by the end of this y…

We DON'T want a referendum’ New independence poll dashes SNP's hopes

‘We DON'T want a referendum’ New independence poll dashes SNP's hopes

Daily Express :: Politics Feed / 2 hours ago :: via The Brexit News App

MORE than half of Scots do not want another independence vote in the next few years, a poll shows.

The Panelbase survey of 1,020 voters for the Sunday Times found 51 per cent are not supportive of a second referendum within the next year or two.

See the full story at

We can do a deal with America, what can Brussels do to us? They can't throw us out

"I worry by the end of this year, we won't have made very much progress on Brexit" says Nigel Farage

Watch the full clip below.

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Up to 80 Labour MP's to try and BLOCK Brexit

BREXIT BLOCKERS: ‘Up to 80’ Labour rebels to defy Jeremy Corbyn over Article 50 vote

Daily Express :: Politics Feed / 12 hours ago :: via The Brexit News App

MORE than a third of Labour MPs could vote against the Brexit bill, making a mockery of Jeremy Corbyn’s three-line whip on the issue.

Labour MPs willingly going against their constituents who voted Leave just to spite Jeremy??? It seems that Labour MP's are intent on destroying the Labour Party forever! Soon the only alternative to the Tories will be UKIP

Read more on this

Theresa May urged to call General Election NEXT MONTH

Theresa May urged to call General Election NEXT MONTH to push Brexit through quickly

Daily Express :: Politics Feed / 4 hours ago :: via The Brexit News App

THERESA May could call a General Election as early as next month in a bid to give the Prime Minister further legitimacy to push ahead with Brexit.

Full story

The LibDems are dead and buried, Labour are almost completely finished.
A vote for Conservative is a vote for BREXIT
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You don't speak for Britain' Anger at BBC political editor's Trump question

You don't speak for Britain' Anger at BBC political editor's Trump question

Daily Express :: Politics Feed / 3 hours ago :: via Brexit News App

BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg has been condemned and praised for questioning Donald Trump’s views on Russia and Muslims during the US President’s first joint press conference with Theresa May.

Full story: comments below:

Beginning today, the United States of America gets back control of its borders

US President Donald trump addresses the DHS (Department of homeland security) here you can see his full speech on law enforcement. Full video below the Presidents Tweet
Beginning today, the United States of America gets back control of its borders. Full speech from today @DHSgov: — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 26, 2017Watch the full video and please leave any comments below

BLAIR Why I want to keep you in the EU

And then it all became clear. Selling his country out. The referendums that never were. The slush fund €Millions. Yes Tony Blair we know your sort!
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Black Trump Supporter drops truth bomb on White Liberal woman

Liberal WHITE woman doesn't like hearing the truth from a Black Trump supporter who has first hand knowledge of what it is like to be black in America.
She ends up walking away because she simple cannot handle the truth! This is one of the most powerful clips we have seen today so decided to let you see it for yourself.
Black,, Trump supporter drops truth bombs on white liberal womanBlack,, Trump supporter drops truth bombs on white liberal womanPosted by Deplorables Inc on Thursday, 26 January 2017

LBC was Live on Facebook - The Nigel Farage Show

LBC was Live on Facebook. The Nigel Farage Show. Watch it now.
The Nigel Farage Show: Thursday 26th JanuaryNigel Farage is back in the LBC hotseat - watch him live.Posted by LBC on Thursday, 26 January 2017

When THERESA met DONALD - Brexit is a wonderful thing

What a special relationship! Trump gets touchy-feely with Theresa as he declares 'great days lie ahead' for US and UK, praises Brexit and reveals he's meeting the Queen

PM has sealed her fledgling alliance with Donald Trump with a warm handshake at White House Signed the visitors' book before viewing a bust of Churchill the President has moved into the Oval Office Mr Trump said it was an 'honour' to have the Prime Minister as his first global leader to visit Praised Brexit as a 'wonderful' thing and said Special Relationship was stronger than ever Earlier Mrs May laid wreath at Arlington National Cemetery before heading for first talks with Trump Says said hopes to have a close relationship with the new President because 'sometimes opposites attract'

Meanwhile in The Spectator
Theresa May has learnt the art of dealing with Donald The Trump / May press c…

LibDem party political broadcast humiliation

If you were not one of the millions who changed channel as soon as you heard the words "on behalf of the Liberal Democrats", you might have seen it when it premiered on the TV earlier this week.
The LibDems latest attempt to frighten everyone into becoming spineless earth hugging Liberal Democrats  who will join the socialist hive run by none other than::: Tim Farron!

The Party political broadcast caused an out pouring of ridicule on social media just moments after it was aired. If like me, you watch them all so you can see the latest gobble-de-gook, you will see why.  The LibDem leader who made his TV acting debut in this groundhog day inspired piece of Liberal art wants us all to believe that the LibDems are the only answer to the world's problems. 
While looking through his rose tinted, LibDem glasses, Tim seems to have forgotten that most people are not as feeble and spineless as he is.
The people of Britain voted for Brexit and the people of America voted for Donald Trum…

Brexit News Live Stream Poll Reaches Millions

It reached 2.3 Million people in just 4 hours. Brexit News first Live Video poll confirms that Leave is still the preferred choice of the British public
Facebook Video Poll is a live video that captures audience votes in real time. Viewers are asked a question and use Facebook emojis to answer. This data is fed back in real time to the computer sending the live stream and visitors can watch votes being counted.

Statistics from Facebook

Within minutes the poll was clearly going to see high level of engagement. many many comments were coming through from both Leave and remain supporters. However there seemed to be a lot of remain supporters accusing the poll of being rigged. 

Others Remoaned 

Clearly the remoaners could,t accept the post was available to everyone on Facebook. 
A recording of the Poll can be viewed here (Note the Poll is no longer Live but votes are still counted on Facebook. View by clicking the list of likes on the original post page

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Nigel Farage on LBC Live from Strasbourg - Will Trump be a great President

Nigel Farage on LBC Live from Strasbourg. Is Trump going to be a great President?

Nigel Farage takes calls from LBC listeners

Smug LBC caller revels with delight - It takes Nigel to shut him down

Smug Liberal clearly doesn't understand the meaning of the word democracy.

'I've got the judgement!' – Farage shuts down LBC guest slammi...
'I've got the judgement!' – Farage shuts down LBC guest slamming his Supreme Court views NIGEL FARAGE brilliantly shut down an enraged caller who called into question the Brexiteer’s views on the Supreme Court ruling, accusing him of presenting a “flimsy” argument. By JOE BARNES Published : 21:59, Tue, Jan 24, 2017 The outspoken commentator quickly turned the tables on his guest after the caller claimed that Mr Farage had shown he that he doesn’t “understand” why the ruling had gone the way it did. The Supreme Court rules that parliament must now vote on whether the Government can start the Brexit process by triggering Article 50. The judgement means Theresa May cannot begin talks with theEuropean Union until MPs and peers give their backing – although this is expected to happen in time for the Prime Minister’s Ma…

Migrant accused of REFUSING to leave NHS bed for two years

Migrant accused of REFUSING to leave NHS bed for two YEARS claims he was FORCED to stay

Migrant accused of REFUSING to leave NHS bed for two YEARS cla...
Migrant accused of REFUSING to leave NHS bed for two YEARS claims he was FORCED to stay A PORTUGUESE migrant who cost the NHS an estimated £340,000 by not leaving his ward bed for more than two years today claimed the scandal was not his fault. By MICHAEL KNOWLES Published : 22:38, Tue, Jan 24 2017 Adriano Guedes was admitted to James Paget University Hospital in August 2014 Adriano Guedes, 63, repeatedly said the care packages offered to him were not good enough and refused to quit the hospital. He was admitted to James Paget University Hospital, Norfolk, in August 2014 after suffering a stroke. NHS chiefs were forced to obtain a court order and evicted him on January 10, saying he occupied the bed "unnecessarily" for more than two years. RELATED ARTICLES 'BED BLOCKING' CRISIS: Record numbers of patients stuc…

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UKIP Nuttall on track to win Stoke on Trent

ANOTHER POLITICAL EARTHQUAKE: Ukip leader on track to EASILY win Stoke by-election.

A NEW poll has revealed that Ukip leader Paul Nuttall is on track to easily win the Stoke Central by-election and cause a political earthquake.

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Daily Express :: Politics Feed :: via The Brexit News App

In Trump’s US the EU is a rival’

In Trump’s US the EU is a rival’ President has ‘no interest’ in Europe, blasts diplomat.

DONALD Trump is “not interested” in maintaining close relations with the European Union, the former French ambassador to the US has declared.

The former French ambassador to the US bemoaned Mr Trump's support of Brexit François Bujon de l'Estang  said the Republican’s pledge to put ‘America first’ has forever shifted the political status quo.

Mr Bujon de l'Estang added that Mr Trump was more interested in forging close ties with post-Brexit Britain.

Speaking to the French radio station Europe 1, he said: “Mr Trump has hailed Britain’s decision to leave the EU as a ‘great victory’ and has made it clear that Britain is more important to him than Brussels

Read the full story at

Daily Express :: via The Brexit News App

Clegg, Farron and the short lived Remoaner victory

Was this a victory for the Remoaners? Well they think it was. Truth is, in the modern Information age there is no way social democrats will ever thwart the will of the people.

The mass population do not want socialism, they have seen it doesn't work. That is why social democratic parties FAIL! Most people consider socialist parties, who use the word democrat in their name as an insult.

Take for example the Liberal Democrats. Their name is a complete contradiction to what they stand for:

Liberal: willing to respect or accept behaviour or opinions different from one's own; open to new ideas.

Democrat: an advocate or supporter of democracy.
The Liberal Democrats represent neither of the above! Bigotted, They are not willing to accept the behaviour and opinions of anyone who voted to leave the EU. Liberal Democrats are also intolerant of anyone who dares express a view they judge as not "politically correct". Liberal Democrats seem  to think that the public are fooled by t…

Tim Farron says LibDems will oppose Art.50

Brexit latest: Liberal Democrats say they will oppose Article 50 unless there's a second EU referendum
An affront to democracy. LibDem leader Tim Farron has said  'This Tory government are keen to laud the democratic process when it suits them, but will not give the people a voice over the final deal,'

What Tim forgets is the question that was asked.

Most Brexiteers quite frankly couldn't give a damn about the final deal as long as Brexit means Brexit. Clegg and Farron seem to have this obsession with the European single market. A market they claim is bigger than the British Commonwealth DOUBLED! Their silly ideas blind them to the meaning of the word Democracy and aimless LibDem members hanging on their words like stary eyed teenagers!

Nick Clegg and Tim Farron probably don't know the first thing about global logistics or currency FX trading. All they really know about is sucking up to EU leaders! Jobs for the lads is rife in LibDem circles! LibDem mentality is simple…

Supreme Courts Anti-British Verdict will NOT stop Brexit

Legislation to ensure the Government can trigger Article 50 by the end of March will be introduced "within days."

Brexit Secretary David Davis maintained Theresa May will stick to her timetable to leave the EU - despite losing its Supreme Court Brexit battle.

Speaking in the House of Commons, the Tory MP said the ruling - which stated that May needs Parliamentary approval before triggering Article 50 - would not derail Government plans.

He said the Supreme Court ruling did not affect the fact Britain will be leaving the EU in line with the result of the 2016 referendum, telling MPs:

"There can be no turning back. "The point of no return was passed on June 23 last year."

The Future's Bright - The Future's Brexit

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BREAKING: Donald Trump promises "EVEN CLOSER" relationship with UK ahead of May meeting

DONALD Trump has promised to bring the USA and the UK "even closer" ahead of his meeting with Theresa May this Friday.
The new president's press secretary Sean Spicer said this evening the administration was looking forward to the PM's visit this week - the first by any foreign leader.
He said: "We're announcing Theresa May coming this Friday, we're excited to have the Prime Minister here.
"I think we've always had that special relationship with Britain and that reflects in the Prime Minister's first visit.
Mrs May has already said she hopes to host Mr Trump in Downing Street in 2017. She said: “I look forward to welcoming president Trump some time this year if that is possible. Read the full story >>

Labour peer says he will vote AGAINST Article 50

Labour peer says he 'recognises and respects' Brexit – but will vote AGAINST Article 50

A LABOUR peer admitted he will vote against triggering Article 50 as he railed against Theresa May’s “right wing” Brexit plan.

Peter Hain confessed he would oppose Britain’s official departure from the European Union in the likelihood he is given a vote in the House of Lords.

The former minister of Europe said although he acknowledged the historic referendum result, quitting the bloc would damage Welsh jobs.

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Daily Express :: via The Brexit News App

U.K. Free to Discuss, Not Negotiate Free Trade Deals, EU Orders

The U.K. is allowed to discuss trade agreements with other countries as long as it doesn’t formally negotiate with them before it leaves the European Union, a spokesman for the bloc said.

“There’s nothing in the treaties that prohibits you from discussing trade,” European Commission spokesman Margaritis Schinas told reporters in Brussels on Monday. But he reiterated previous remarks that EU countries can’t hold official talks on future deals while still a member.

More on this story at

Bloomberg :: via The Brexit News App

'It's SABOTAGE' Fury as Welsh politicians set out THEIR Brexit plan KEEPING free movement

LEADING Welsh politicians have been accused of trying to “sabotage” Brexit after they laid out demands for Theresa May to water down her plans for a clean break from the EU.

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Daily Express :: via The Brexit News App

You want to sneak back IN!' Jo Coburn scolds Welsh First Minister over Brexit strategy

WELSH First Minister Carwyn Jones was forced to defend his Brexit plan as he was blasted for demanding continuing with membership of the single market.

Read the full article at

Daily Express :: via The Brecit News App

You CAN'T leave!' EU threatens France and Italy with MAMMOTH bill if they quit the euro

BRUSSELS has threatened Italy with an almost certainly unpayable bill if the country's citizens take the democratic decision to quit the troubled euro.

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Daily Express :: via The Brexit News App

Andrew Marr HUMILIATES Nick Clegg for 'HATING BREXIT and wishing it never happened'

Andrew Marr HUMILIATES Nick Clegg for 'HATING BREXIT and wishing it never happened
NICK CLEGG came under fire for "hating Brexit and wishing it never happened" as the arch-Europhile tried to make the case for the EU
The former deputy prime minister was blasted by Andrew Marr as the Lib Dem once argued for Britain not to sever all ties with the European Union and to criticise her decision to take the UK out of the single market.

The Remain MP warned viewers the Government was on course for a “painful collision with reality”.
See the full write up at
Daily Express :: Politics Feed :: via The Brexit News App

What is TPP? Why is Donald Trump pulling out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership?

DONALD Trump started taking the US out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership on his first weekday in office. But what is TPP?

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Daily Express :: Politics Feed / 2 hours ago via The Brexit News App

Government’s Trident Spin Misfires

Below Guido tracks the government’s spin on the Trident misfire over the last 48 hours:

Saturday night: Sunday Times reports “serious malfunction” during Trident test, missile “may have veered off in the wrong direction towards America”. MoD says in a statement that it was “successfully tested and certified”. Sunday: On Marr, Theresa May refuses to answer questions about what she knew and when. Monday morning: Number 10 spokesman insists the test was “successful” in certifying the crew and submarine. Says May was informed. Won’t say if she was told about any ‘misfire’. Monday afternoon: Michael Fallon tells Commons not to “believe everything you read” in Sunday Times. Won’t say what in their report is inaccurate. Says test was “successful” and “satisfactory“. Won’t comment on details of any ‘misfire’. May repeats the “successful” line in pool interview. While Fallon is speaking, US official tells CNN the test ended in failure, and that rather than “veering” towards the US coast, the trajecto…

POLL ALERT - Lefty attack on democracy again - Unrealistic poll.

Do you support a Second referendum on Brexit? Should that not read "Do you support a second referendum on Britain's membership of the EU?" Honestly, these sad little deniers of democracy really are inept! Vote Here

Yet another pointless poll that will end up on the scrap heap of history!

Childish haters of democracy, who is Susan.Lisa anyway? A nobody who thinks heshe can try to sway public opinion by setting up a poll!!! Sharing on social media pages and twitter accounts followed by kids! Now that is representative isn't it?

So we decided to even thing up, show Susan.Lisa what real people think about the pointless question.

Balance the scales as it were
Let's show Susan.Lisa the power of Democracy and what it means.
Vote in Susan.Lisa's poll here

Global markets ambivalent on Brexit and Trump's presidency

Global markets ambivalent on Brexit and Trump's presidency South China Morning Post
What do international investors really make of Britain’s exit from the European Union (EU), or “Brexit,” and the ascendancy of Donald Trump to the US presidency?
If one thing has been patently clear over the last few weeks, it is that financial markets remain deeply ambivalent about what is in store for the UK and US economies, to say nothing about the political and geopolitical ramifications of last year’s twin electoral shocks.
That there is no clear-cut consensus about the consequences of Brexit and a Trump presidency - two developments which not only were viewed as highly improbable by most investors but were expected to be hugely detrimental to markets - has been the most striking feature of sentiment over the past several months.
and more » South China Morning Post via Brexit News App.

Failed LibDem Nick Clegg thinks he is an expert on Trade Deals.

Whining LibDem remoaner Nick Clegg is a dreamer. Still holding on to his vision of becoming an EU Commissioner! He really has to be the most self serving ANTI-DEMOCRATIC snollygoster in British history!

Clegg (which means "horse-fly", those things that annoy horses all day flying around their eyes) seems to think that a trade deal with America is worthless!

Yes you read that right! Clegg, in his own little world, thinks, if you combine trade with America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and India then DOUBLE IT, you could not match the wonderful trade deal we have with his beloved FAILING EU!

Supposidly outward looking, modern world globalist Clegg's whole argument is based on how close we are to Europe. Geography counts, he proclaims, our EU partners or on our doorstep. Nick seems to have conveniently forgotten the existence of aeroplanes and express couriers. Air Freight is now huge business and distance counts for nothing in a modern world of consumerism. You would think …

HUGE crowds gathered for Inauguration not shown by TV media

I dont remember Sky or ITV News showing the pictures of the crowds that were there on the day of Trump's Inauguration. In fact, I seem to remember them trying to give the impression that there were hardly any crowds of supporters there!

What a difference a photo can make.

Alex Salmond claims Theresa May is DESPERATE by wanting to do trade deal with USA

Alex Salmond, Remember him? Jimmy Krancky's boss. Well the former leader of the Scottish Nationalist party claims Theresa May is DESPERATE by wanting to do trade with Donald Trump
ALEX SALMOND astonishingly claimed Theresa May’s bid to strengthen the UK-US special relationship is a sign of desperation as she prepares to take Britain out of the EU.
The video below shows Alex waffling on about how nice Donald is until you disagree with him.

If Donald Trump is anything, he is a good businessman. Any good businessman would realise that screwing the UK over would be a very bad business decision. Salmond is upset because while he himself hates the United Kingdom, Donald Trump loves Great Britain.  

Squirming Diane Abbott dodges single market questions - after saying Labour position CLEAR

Squirming Diane Abbott dodges single market questions - after saying Labour position CLEAR
A SQUIRMING Diane Abbott was backed into a corner on the BBC as Andrew Neil roasted the MP for giving shambolic answers over Labour’s position on the single market.

Shambolic answers coming from Labour's shadow home secretary Diane Abbott? Who would ever have believed such a thing!!!! Why does she do it to herself? Watch the video

Story from The Daily Exress Read it at -

Have Labour learned nothing?

Labour threatens to frustrate Brexit throughout EU talks - Daily Mail
Labour today said it will seek to amend the upcoming vote on triggering Article 50 by demanding MPs be given votes throughout the EU talks. 
It not only threatens to delay Theresa May's timetable for starting Brexit talks but also risks frustrating the entire two-year negotiation with the EU. 

And Jeremy Corbyn also admitted today that Labour MPs will only be 'asked' to vote in favour of triggering Article 50, rather than imposing a three-line whip on his party.

But shadow home secretary Diane Abbott caused further confusion by saying 'we don't know what amendment we're going to move,' before adding: 'But we are clear that we will not vote to block it [Article 50].'  

Read more:
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It's Paul Joseph Watson Vs Leftists

Paul Joseph Watson vs Leftists (Best Moments)
Liberalism is a mental disorder

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GET OVER YOURSELVES Katie Hopkins slams millions of Anti-Trump protestors

Katie Hopkins speaks her mind and tells Trump protestors to get over themselves.

The LBC host tore into the millions of women who took to the streets to protest Donald Trump's inauguration as President of the United States.  Hopkins' fury was sparked after one caller, named David, said Theresa May should remember she is first and foremost a female when she meets with the Republican on Friday.  Utterly cross with the idea that the British Prime Minister should put her gender ahead of her job, the LBC host unleashed a jaw-dropping tirade.  Hopkins asked the caller: “David, do you think Theresa May should feel that she is a woman first, is that really what her job is? I thought she was our Prime Minister, correct me if I’m wrong.”

Source Daily Express

Remoaning BBC Guest is told YOU LOST

You Lost - Now get over it! Remoaning BBC Guest is told YOU LOST by Brexiteer.
Watch the Video

Trump order to Brussels. STOP EU ARMY Plan

It has been reported that US President Donald Trump will demand that Brussels abandon plans for an EU Army if it want's  the US to continue it's support for NATO.

Senior British officers serving at the Pentagon have been briefed that one of the new administration’s top priorities will be to “sweep away” plans championed by Germany and France

They have been told "in an environment in which political temperature in Eastern Europe is high, and fiscal pressure on budgets is increasing, there can only be one joint force and that is NATO.

Senior US Officers directing future strategy want to see more delivery from European nations. There is grave concern about inert and growing talk of an EU Army,

It is expected that burden sharing in Europe is going to be high on the agenda when Mr Trump meets Mrs May next week though Britain is one of only five members meeting spending targets.

Read the full story here >>